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Restoration Services

Restore Your Property to The Way You Remember It

The days following property loss or damage are full of tough decisions. Our general contracting team has helped thousands of home and business owners throughout East Tennessee recover from fire, flood and storm damage over the past 25 years and we’re experts at anticipating your needs and getting you back on track as quickly as possible. We’ll take every step to make sure your property is restored as fully as possible and that you’re informed about your options along the way. We’re here for you every minute of every day of every year.

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Emergency Services

Our staff is available 24 hours a day to provide emergency security board up and temporary protection from the elements. View our Emergency Services page for a more detailed explanation of our disaster response and restoration services.

Loss Reporting and Proof of Loss Statements

Your insurance company should be notified of your loss as soon as possible. If your agent cannot be reached, we’ll report your loss in writing. We’ll also prepare any insurance and mortgage company paperwork that’s necessary in your restoration process.

Detailed Damage Estimates

We’ll prepare a detailed estimate of all damages caused from fire, smoke and water as required by your insurance company. Because we’re experts in fire repairs, we can find hidden damage caused by smoke, heat and water. We will work hand in hand with your insurance adjuster to negotiate a fair and equitable settlement. All offers are subject to your approval.

Repairs and Reconstruction

We are General Contractors who specialize in insurance restoration. We can start your rebuilding project immediately upon your approval of your repair plans and specifications, even before your insurance settlement is complete. All proper permits will be obtained by Testerman Restoration according to your repair specifications and we’ll meet and pass all inspections, guaranteed.

Architectural Services

Testerman Restoration works with experienced architects that provide plans to repair your property to current code. Architects may also draw plans to your desired floor plan and ideas.

Lender Notification

Lenders are entitled to inspect the property to see that all repairs have been made properly and that all restorations are completed. Testerman Restoration will work with your lender throughout the restoration process from start to finish.