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Emergency Services

Disasters Don’t Make Appointments

Fire, wind, rain, hail, floods, storms and broken pipes are never convenient. In most cases, they’re emergencies that require swift action to prevent as much damage as possible. Testerman Restoration is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to secure your home or property during an emergency. We take steps to minimize damage, prevent additional damage, and secure unaffected areas as quickly and fully as possible. Our contractors have industry-specific skills that allow them to quickly asses your loss and what it will take to prevent or minimize additional loss. Property and contents preservation and restoring your life and/or business are our primary concerns.

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Contents Restoration

When valuable contents are damaged, determining what can be reasonably saved is a critical process. Testerman Restoration is ready to act quickly to help stop and prevent further damage caused by water and smoke. When the emergency has cleared, we’ll perform on-site field tests to evaluate what can be salvaged. Then we’ll talk to you about processes like fabric restoration and cleaning and furniture, cabinetry, book, and document reprocessing to restore your damaged possessions.

Water Mitigation

Stopping the water doesn’t stop the damage water can do. We have the training and technology to assess water damage thoroughly and keep it from developing into more serious health problems like mold-related illnesses. We use specially designed probes and electronic moisture meters to detect the presence of moisture inside a wall or underneath a carpet without serious demolition or disturbance to the surface. Testerman Restoration Water Mitigation services can reduce the possibility of additional damages and save on restoration costs. At Testerman Restoration, our focus is to RESTORE to make our customers whole.

Fire and Smoke Cleaning

Fire damage can be some of the most devastating to handle emotionally. Testerman Restoration has fully equipped cleaning crews readily available to clean and deodorize your property when a fire has occurred. If your home or business has sustained smoke and odor damage, we can quickly minimize your loss and reduce any potential hazardous conditions within your property. Our structural cleaning techniques, air cleaning and deodorization process will make you feel like the fire never happened. Testerman Restoration has the ability to work through the night under many different circumstances to get you back to full operation in your home or business.